Ted Cruz slams Biden's first weeks as 'boring.' Yes, and it's wonderful

In just 50 days, President Joe Biden got our vaccine production and distribution system whipped into shape and signed a historic COVID-19 relief package to boost our economy and give a helping hand to millions of struggling Americans, but damn, what a snooze it’s been.

No waking up and rushing to your phone to see if POTUS has appointed his horse to his cabinet. No wondering if the president would blow up a crucial piece of legislation at the last minute because it didn’t include money for a new Trump bust/water slide at Mount Rushmore. And I’ve never once worried that Joe Biden would tweet 12 things overnight that would immediately make you switch toilets if you read any one of them on a bathroom stall.

Oh, no. It’s simply been good government, done well.

How fucking boring. Right, Ted Cruz?

  • March 13, 2021