Ted Cruz murders comedy with crass, incendiary 'joke' about Hillary and Jeffrey Epstein

So now we know why Sen. Ted Cruz was able to mend fences with Donald Trump so soon after the ocher abomination suggested Ted’s dad may have been involved in the JFK assassination. Ted must have thought it was a really funny “joke” and nothing more.

Fox News has forced Hillary Clinton back into the public eye in the past few days because jingling their keys and screeching barmy lies about critical race theory couldn’t hold their toddlers’ attention any longer. They needed to bring back a bête noire from seasons past. And, predictably, the least funny Republican on the planet not named Mike Huckabee decided he needed to pile on. Because after slandering Hillary Clinton for decades—including with numerous ever-so-sly hints that she might actually be a murderer—it’s really funny to slander her yet again.

  • February 20, 2022