Ted Cruz makes light of his winter Cancun trip. Twitter reminds him that he's the joke

You could say Ted Cruz is about as funny as a debilitating brain parasite, but that would be imprecise. He’s as funny as a brain parasite attempting to do prop comedy at 1 a.m on a Wednesday at a Sioux Falls Holiday Inn. In other words, much less funny than your workaday killer parasite.

Case in point: the following tweet, in which Ted Cruz, who is absolutely, definitely, most likely not the Zodiac Killer, attempts to turn his huge public betrayal of his constituents back in February into a big joke:


For the nontweeters:

OFFICIAL GOP ACCOUNT: “Joe Biden has decided to go on vacation YET AGAIN. He is running away from all the problems he has caused.”

CRUZ: “Cancun is lovely this time of year.”

First of all—really? Republicans are gonna complain about how often the president goes on vacation now? Trump’s presidency was a perpetual vacation only occasionally interrupted by toilet tweeting and poorly planned putsches. How much are Biden’s “vacations” to his home in Delaware costing us? Is he charging his Secret Service agents $500 a night to sleep in his crawl space?

Secondly—oh no, Ted. This kind of thing works for some people, but it sure as shit doesn’t work for you.

Aaaaand … Twitter had some thoughts:



— Brandon Friedman (@BFriedmanDC) October 9, 2021


— 1DayBetter (@tontonlove) October 10, 2021


— BookGrrl (@JamesSuzenbooks) October 10, 2021


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Sorry, Ted. No one finds you amusing—particularly the Texans who died last winter thanks to Republican mismanagement. It’s too soon to joke about this. It will always be too soon—because you’re simply not funny, you gormless, Texas-sized twit.

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  • October 10, 2021
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