Ted Cruz is no longer champion for throwing family under the bus. Meet Greg Pence.

Trump’s mob literally hunted Mike Pence, who was hiding with his family in the Capitol during the siege. Trump had called him out, and the mob was furious. The mob chanted “HANG MIKE PENCE” while some broke off and went searching for him down the corridors, yelling “Where is Pence?!”  Meanwhile, Trump was still reaching out to legislators on helping him steal the election, while not once checking in on his vice president and family. Not once. 

Yet despite almost getting his little brother killed, Congressman Greg Pence (R-IN) decided that Trump is still OK in his book because he super duper promises to stop it now. 


Boy, bravery really doesn’t run in the Pence family, huh?

Ted Cruz is going to have to do some serious bootlicking to beat this. He already threw his wife and father under the bus, but Greg Pence was okay with Trump putting his brother’s family in mortal danger.

C’mon, Ted. I still believe in you!

  • January 14, 2021