Ted Cruz caught chasing Twitter clout after abusing Judge Jackson—and his GOP pals were no better

The GOP is no longer a serious political party. It’s a vaudeville show, and all they care about these days is performing. Not performing good deeds, mind you. Just performing. And the top clowns were all feeling their oats on Wednesday. 

Whether he’s concocting ad hoc reasons for flying to Cancun during a deadly deep freeze or insisting there really is candy in the back of his windowless white van, it’s safe to say that Sen. Ted Cruz can rarely be trusted. I’d say “never,” but you can rely on him being the most loathsome vertebrate at any right-wing rally that neglected to book the neo-Nazi blobfish. And even then it’s a toss-up.

Yesterday, Cruz viciously attacked Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson with a fusillade of dishonest accusations and innuendos. It was gross. It was outrageous. And his performative pique seemed about as genuine as his situational outrage on behalf of his wife

But more on Cruz in a minute—because he was far from the only asshole at the party.

  • March 24, 2022
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