Tea Party Trash IS running the country. They evolved into Mainstream Republicans.

I was angry when President Obama did not see that the Tea Party was rooting deep in this country’s governing ability.  Many did not think that Don’t tread on Me meant much more than a bunch of angry racist, homophobic, in your face, gun totin group that would fade away.   That is not what happened.   The Tea Party Caucas is defunk after Michelle Bachman left and was replaced IMO by the Freedom Caucus.  How many innocent people have died over assault weapons since the Tea Party rise?  The democrats have been abused now for years by bullies enhanced by The Tea Party Trashy conservatives that evolved into congress and the mainstream.  Why?  We did not nip it in the bud with pushback.

YOU LIE…Joe Wilson was not dealt with by Nancy Pelosi during the State of the Union.  Now, Joe Walsh who even with his Tea Pary trash behavior is better than what we have but not by much,  is running for president against Trump.  Walsh even thinks The Trump bunch is over the top.

We came unarmed this time chanting all kinds of nonsense over the ACA and full of hatred started wrecking this country and eventually wiggled their way into congress.  They started the Freedom Caucus whereas we have Mark Meadows, and of course Jim Jordan and Matt the mad hatter Gaetz.

From Wikepedia:  Regarding Jim Jordan:

A member of the Republican Party, he has been the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee since 2019. Jordan is a founding member of the Freedom Caucus, which he chaired from its establishment in 2015 until 2017.

It did not matter that John Lewis was harrassed and spat upon by the Tea Party bunch.   Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker.  This was ignored and it got worse.  They are controlling the messaging and the country.  We cannot ignore a cancer and  hope it goes away.  I do not trust our elections now. Nancy Pelosi and dem leadership is fiddling while Rome Burns. 

It did not matter that Aba Garub happened and GWB with all the others started an unnecessary war.  Nancy Pelosi said, “ Impeachment was off the table”.

Joe Wilson  screamed ,”You Lie” in the middle of a Presidential speech and was not reprimanded.

Today Joan has a piece up about mixed messages about Nancy Pelosi and impeachment which is a very good read.

Speaker Pelosi knows how to count votes.   She does not know anything about holding people accountable.  When has she ever?

I think it is time for the American people who still have a little faith in this country, call their Dem representatives and Nancy Pelosi’s office and push hard to remind them, we cannot let this abuse of the old Trashy tea party continue the narrative without consequences. 

Be clear Speaker Pelosi.  The time has come to push back and damn the torpedoes and show some courage on behalf of democrats.   We are not going to do the Hokey Pokey or Bunny Hop to the tune of lawless, reckless republicans and RWNJ’s and take it lying down.  The time has come for a press conference announcing an official impeachment inquiry into the accused high crimes and misdemeanors of Donald J. Trump.  The time has come for no more talk about getting tough and to actually get tough and work on behalf of those who are embarrased by the mixed messages and abuse.  There should be an immediate response of Contempt of Congress on all those not abiding by subpoenas and refusals to cooperate with congressional questions and documents.   

The time has come to quit playing politics with an oath of office to uphold the Constitution.  

If you cannot or will not do your job for whatever reason you have, then it is time to step down, resign, and see we are wanting an oversight that works as intended by the founders.