Former Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Renacci, the author of the book The GOP’s Lost Decade, discussed economics, healthcare, and COVID-19. He agrees that we can print money to aid in recovery.

Republican Congressman makes a welcome admission

Watch the full episode here.

One should not go into any discussion hoping that you can change instilled beliefs in a sitting. In fact, I am usually very concerned when I “convince” someone to change their ideology on the fly. Why? Because someone else could do the same. When one changes their beliefs it should be thoughtful and methodical.

The chaos in the nation today with ideological differences have to do with true and false tenets. The thing is that all sides are susceptible to lies given the trust they have in their sources. It is for that reason that I like to have open and civil ideological debates in the open. It isn’t to convince the person I am debating necessarily, but about respecting the audience as one makes the more logical counterpoint in a manner that speaks to the listeners’ personal economy and well-being.

Some may think it is naive. I think it is a slow process but one that is more long-lasting if one does not concentrate on the superficial.

I did not convince former Congressman Jim Renacci to change his ideology. As one will see after watching the full interview after it’s aired on Politics Done Right sometime the week of this posting (sneak-peek for PDR subscribers), he ran for Congress because of something that he felt was done to him. These types of interviews will give people, in a non-soundbite opportunity, to see what is best for their own lives. And in the long run, it is clear to me that progressive values will prevail if we are patient and not give in when things are not as fast as we would want it to be.

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