Tapper embarrasses Sen. Toomey with his own words after he went after Biden for using reconciliation

Tapper embarrasses Sen Toomey with his own words after he went after Biden for using reconciliation

One must not throw stones if they live in a glasshouse. Jake Tapper made Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) pay the price for his blatant hypocrisy on President Biden using reconciliation to pass the COVID recovery bill.

Jake Tapper called out Pat Toomey

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To Republicans, unity means negotiating down to policies that follow their failed ideology. I do not say failed ideology lightly. I recently posted the blog post titled “FACT: Economic flourishes under Democratic presidents. Don’t allow bad Republican policies in bills,” which pointed out the following.

Many economists and writers have told the undeniable truth for some time. The economy does almost twice as good under Democratic presidents. …

President Joe Biden is putting together a $1.9 Billion COVID and stimulus package. It is necessarily big. It includes direct payments to Americans to both help their financial situation and stimulate the economy. …

Republicans, of course, continue to believe solely in tax cuts. They were completely unconcerned about ballooning the deficit with their Trump’s tax cut scam.

The past is prologue. Republicans must have no veto power over any economic solutions Progressives and Democrats produce.

Even as Senator Pat Toomey objects to the COVID relief bill, he claims that 10 Republicans are willing to have a bill and that President Biden should create a bipartisan bill with them.  That would make Biden a gullible president. Republicans are great at minimizing Democratic bills and then giving said bills no votes.

Sadly the Senator shows what we all know about Republican orthodoxy. It provides welfare for the rich as the poor and middle-class struggle to support the wealthy few.

In a moment that Pat Toomey was clearly not prepared for, Jake Tapper played Toomey supporting passing a bill through reconciliation for a tax bill for the rich but complaining about Joe Biden doing the same for a bill that supports the masses.

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  • February 7, 2021