Trump's followers are operating under a different set of determinants. While most of America and the free world views truth as a factor in defining honesty, Trump sycophancy dictates that you dispose of that value. When credibly accused of rape by writer E. Jean Carroll, President Trump unbelievably used as a part of his defense that she was not his type. Most men, at least most decent men, would not demean such a heinous act of violence against women with such a derisive reply. For this, Mr. Trump gets credit from his followers who say, he just tells it like it is. Of course, there has been an untold number of women who have come forward accusing Mr. Trump of sexual assault, but “not my type” seems to suffice for his brood of toadies. Ms. Carroll has afforded the same opportunity for Mr. Trump to disprove her account that was given Bill Clinton, ultimately proving his guilt—DNA.  

What now seems like months has been merely a week since it was revealed that the President thinks of America’s service people and war dead as suckers and losers. Jeffrey Goldberg’s allegations could be looked upon as, he said… she said, but provably he [Trump] called John McCain a loser. He said of his former Chief of Staff John Kelly, “I know John Kelly. He was with me, didn’t do a good job, had no temperament and ultimately he was petered out, he was exhausted.The story of John McCain needs no retelling, suffice it to say five years of torture, and turning down early release until his men were sent home speaks to his heroism. McCain’s big sin with Trump was his refusal to exchange his integrity for the blessing of a liar.

General John Kelly joined the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War and subsequently served in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm and had another tour of duty in the Iraq War. Kelly may have proven later to be hunkered down in the foxhole of Trumpian lies, but a man of no ‘temperament and petered out,’ he was not. Validating his proven lies to his fans are useless.  Signed checks to a porn star and a Playboy model for their silence about his affairs, while his wife sat at home with their newborn son are useless. A recording of his voice and plans to downplay how the Covid-19 virus would not only attack the old but the young—as well is useless. Trump fans have been moved by their dear leader from falling for ‘telling it like it is’ to telling it like he wants it.’

Telling it like he wants it…

To the xenophobes, thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrated on rooftops after 9/11.

To the racist, there are very fine people on both sides.

To the misogynist, it was just locker room talk.

To the foreign despots, “I saved his ass.”

To the scientist, “I don’t think science knows…

To the evangelicals, a joke, two Corinthians walked into a bar

For America, in November, let us not be losers and suckers…Again.

Vote in 2020 for Change.  

  • September 18, 2020