Yes, this is wrong on so many levels to nominate a judge before RBG is warm in her resting place.   

I said in another comment if Jane Fonda had been nominated or anyone left of her, I would still be against a nomination this close to a presidential election.

The whole ball of wax lies in the election and the ability to gain control of the Senate and Executive.  

70 percent of voters approve of the ACA.  Majority does not want Roe V Wade overturned.  If people attack this woman who appears to be a conservative wet dream, will hurt us regarding  the fence sitters and make us look as though we are against any type of religious beliefs.  If the attack needs to happen, it needs to be on the timing.  Not the person.   This will be the right’s talking points and will hurt us.  We believe in separation of church and state.   We need to keep our plans mute for at least a few more weeks, imo.  This will be the talking points regarding this appointment.  They will say we are attacking a good and decent woman.

#1….We are against God and people of faith.  Our own presidential nominee is a devout catholic.  They won’t mention this or the lies below.

#2….We believe in killing babies on the table…

#3…We do not believe law and order.  

#4…We are the racists…She has black children

#5…We are the ones against equal rights..She is a woman

$6… We told you the democrats are disrespectful and hate this woman because our president picked her.  Their hate will destroy this country.

Believe me or not, no matter her ideology this will be their messaging before election day.


The talking point should be:

Disrespect for nominating in this timeline regarding less than 6 weeks before an election


Nomination is not giving time for proper vetting.

We do need to question her decisions and opinions.  ( Respectfully)

Fast tracking is not the way to appoint a fair and level investigation of a nominee for a lifetime appointment 

People are not familiar with this nominee.

The next president needs to pick the nominee.

In the hearing process, questions should be asked but do not attack this woman but treat her with respect.  We caught Hell over Kavenaugh.  They do that, we should not ESPECIALLY if we make it look like we are bullying this woman for her religion. 

The price to pay for a rush to a nomination should fall on the republicans and not the democrats attacking this woman personally.  They will turn this around on us on messaging.. I guarantee you.  

Above all else..STOP THE PROTESTS  regarding injustice until after the election.

We accomplish nothing if violence continues and people stay home and we get 4 more years of Trump.

This is not the time to hit the streets.  Timing is everything here.  We have to be very careful and stay on the Pandemic and other deplorable things done under this administration,  that Trump wants to stay away from so desperately.  We have to give HOPE for people to vote for our candidate and not reasons any working brain cell knows what we have with Trump and vote against him.  .  We have to push Ruth R Ginsburg last wishes.

Trust me on this.  There are moderates and some to win over.  We can be respectful and make them look like the disrespectful authocratic push they are going for.  November 4th will be the problem area and then nothing I would say is off the table if Trump cheats or we lose the senate.

Patience, I know better than anyone is hard but this case is baked and the trouble is coming soon enough.  This is like a war room and a planning state needs time.

We are in a very odd place and positive and less chaos is what most people are longing for.   Loose lips sink ships and the way we handle this outrage is very tricky.  We must look like the sane, controlled adults.   We are being pushed to the brink of edge jumping.   The world is watching.  We are not weak but we must wait before we take this outrage to the streets and airwaves.   We can use her own opinions but we must not attack this woman and must  treat her with respect.  She has a right to her own views but not to our lives.   

We need to win this thing and not screw it up.

  • September 26, 2020
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