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Dershowitz Says He Would Be UNHAPPY if Trump is Acquitted

Yes, you read that right. According to the UK Guardian: Alan Dershowitz: Trump impeachment acquittal would make me unhappy The Harvard legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, a member of Donald Trump’s team for his impeachment trial, has said he will not vote for the president in

If Andrew Yang catches fire he would be hard to beat.

I cannot believe I am saying this as a Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren supporter. I have been scoping Andrew Yang for some time now and there’s something he brings no one else brings. Andrew Yang does belong on the stage (Funny but prescient) As

Obama: World Would Be Better Off If Women Ran It

No, Michelle Obama is not running for president, or any other office. But her husband thinks that in general it wouldn’t be a bad idea. From the BBC: Barack Obama: Women are better leaders than men. If women ran every country in the world there

Tacloban, the Philippines, in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

We always knew they would be first.

The horrors of climate change are unfolding around the world with smothering heatwaves, agricultural losses from flooding, and drought — higher storm surge along with powerful and deadly cyclonic windstorms armed with heavy rainfall and wildfire. The United States and other developed nations experience every

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I would like to ask Markos a favour

I have left my diaries [a couple of thousand] intact and for the record, I still stand by what was written. There is one small thing that bothers me, a kind and generous anonymous donor gave me a lifetime subscription and I do not like