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Mike Bloomberg secret racist tape worse than you think.

While many are shocked by racist words coming out of Mike Bloomberg. I find it rather amusing. Patriarchs and Oligarchs of his ilk share the same prejudices and ignorance. An uninformed Mike Bloomberg likely still believes this. x x YouTube Video So what did this bastion

Krugman: GOP Worse than Scrooge

 A couple of weeks ago, I had a diary up here: We're Being Ruled by Sadists. Now, I can’t claim that Paul Krugman reads my diaries, much less is inspired by them, but he said pretty much the same thing in his column this morning:

CNN's Sean Duffy problem is only going to get worse

How do you solve a problem like Sean Duffy? The former Republican congressman, who was hired by CNN to blindly defend Donald Trump while the impeachment process unfolds, is creating problems for the network by constantly fabricating facts and spreading reckless and dangerous conspiracy theories. And yes,