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I write these words with great sadness and trepidation

I have read about and listened to commentary on McConnell’s proposed rules for the Senate impeachment trial beginning tomorrow.  It is for me the final straw. Perhaps I can provide some context with a tweet I posted after reading them. I wrote: simply put –

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The Most Beautiful Words

Some phrases evoke strong emotions and bring joy to life: I  love you. A check arrived in the mail for you, darling. Bring the wine to the bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with the transmission, I just tightened a clamp, no charge. Look, otters! The Yankees

Words to ponder, from David Frum

whom I realize is not a favorite of many here.  He was a speechwriter for a Bush, and if you did not know, was once involved in the Presidential campaign of one former mayor of NYC named Rudy. He is, however, one of the more