Not a victory for cancellation as perhaps poorly vetted stereotypes best left for an era when Bruce Lee couldn’t be chosen for the lead of a TV series. Dav Pilkey, whose Captain Underpants has its own issues but remains popular, agreed with the withdrawal of his latest ‘graphic novel’ by its...

  • March 29, 2021

The Republican party has decided not to have a platform this year. Instead, they have issued a resolution saying that whatever Trump says, is fine with them. RESOLUTION REGARDING THE REPUBLICAN PARTY PLATFORM WHEREAS, The RNC, had the Platform Committee been able to convene in 2020,  would have undoubtedly unanimously...

  • August 24, 2020

It’s enough to steam your pants. x “He took a gamble and got it wrong.” They know he blew it. Now they will spend eight months lying to America about it. https://t.co/GUsI9owSun — subscribe to my newsletter (@brianbeutler) April 2, 2020 x How Kushner and Hope Hicks are the main...

  • April 2, 2020

on testing prominent figures —  I think all key leaders in Govt SHOULD be tested, & probably every couple of days, whether or not they are showing symptoms. Perhaps the new quick Abbott labs tests can be used for that purpose. We do not want the government laid low because...

  • March 29, 2020

For the record, Hillary Clinton is committing to support our 2020 candidate, whoever that may be: x I thought everyone wanted my authentic, unvarnished views! But to be serious, the number one priority for our country and world is retiring Trump, and, as I always have, I will do whatever...

  • January 22, 2020

The House voted both impeachment articles and Trump seemed to be in denial during his speech in Battle Creek Michigan at a 10,000 seat arena. “I'm the first person to ever get impeached and there's no crime. Like, I feel guilty.” Trump: “By the way, it doesn't really feel like...

  • December 19, 2019
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