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Did Elizabeth Warren 'dis' Bernie Sanders' handshake

After the debate ended it seemed as if Bernie Sanders extended his hand to shake Elizabeth Warren’s hand. It seemed as if she drew it back. I found this Democratic Debate completely uninteresting. There was no real news other than Elizabeth Warren now unable to utter the word Medicare

Democratic Strategist urges quick Sanders or Warren win

Democratic Strategist urges quick Sanders or Warren win

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s former Deputy Chief of Staff, Adam Jentleson, wrote that a quick coalescing around Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren is best for a Democratic win. Indigenous Pirate Radio’s Breakdancing with the Wolves podcast’s Gyasi Ross appeared on AM Joy on MSNBC.

WaPo Has the Knives Out for Warren

Until recently, Warren and Buttigieg had avoided attacking each other, but lately that’s changed. Warren said Buttigieg needed to be more forthcoming about his consulting work with McKinsey. In response, Buttigieg said Warren should release more of her tax returns (she’s released 11 years’ worth)