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Trump Wants House Clowns on His Impeachment Defense Team

WaPo Politics has a new story out: GOP leaders spar over adding House members to Trump’s impeachment defense team A turf war over who should defend President Trump in a Senate impeachment trial is raging behind the scenes in Congress, as House Republicans push to

Bill Barr Wants to Save Us from Hell

The tagline on my profile says, as it has for years: “It is not the business of the state to help its citizens get into heaven nor save them from hell.” Apparently our esteemed Attorney General never read that. Nor has he read the First

Trump to politicize Veterans Day ceremony in NYC, really wants boos

Recalling his photo-op use of graves in Normandy, he can’t stop being provocative. BREAKING. This is going to politicize the NYC Veterans Day parade like it’s never been politicized before. Having Trump there will turn a day that is normally about unity, into a controversial,