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thoughts – impeachment, politics, and more

Since my stroke on November 12, my online presence, here and elsewhere, has been very limited as I first recovered from that incident, and then underwent my surgery on the 18th, followed by a minor incident (transient ischemic attack — like a minor stroke) on


Not so random thoughts – impeachment, personal, and more

Today is Sunday, which means tomorrow I report for pre-operative stuff at the hospital for the forthcoming operation on Wednesday to address the stenosis (blockage) in my left carotid artery that caused my recent stroke.   While I have no intimations of forthcoming disaster, I will

Some thoughts on the hearings

One “advantage” of having been hospitalized for 76 hours is that I was able to watch a substantial amount of the impeachment hearings on Wed and Fri.   While in general my thoughts were, as might  be expected, in general focused on other topics (including getting

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Thoughts on debate topics – “socialism”

This is the third of three posts on topics coming from the last two nights of debates.  The first two, on immigration and on Medicare for All, are available for your perusal and commenting through my user page. In economic terminology, Socialism is where the