Before 2016 if you told most Americans that Donald Trump would become president, they would have laughed or thought you were joking. The outspoken businessman and tv personality was a complete outsider to the world of politics. Yet his antics and political rhetoric were not. Trump can thank Newt Gingrich...

  • July 12, 2021

Since the Great and Powerful Ooze hopped in his hot air balloon and flew back to Mar-a-Lago without Dorothy and Toto, I’ve seen neither hide nor hair of him. It’s like a roly-poly raccoon has been loose in the walls for the past four years and someone finally let him...

  • January 26, 2021

Steve Schmidt may be serious about teaming up with AOC to prevent a second Trump-like coup attempt. Should she engage? Steve Schmidt wants AOC to help save America x x YouTube Video See full episodes here. Knowingly or not, brother Steve Schmidt and many of his Lincoln Project cohort are partially responsible for what...

  • December 15, 2020

If Donald Trump worked at, say, a pest control company, his incompetence might be funny. You’d see him wobbling around your backyard with a beehive stuck on his head before falling down an uncapped well, and hilarity would naturally ensue. Because that’s just funny. How could it not be? But when...

  • January 5, 2020
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