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Here's How Republicans Will Spin Kentucky Election Results.

As for now, Andy Beshear is declared the “apparent winner” of the Kentucky governor’s race.  If it holds, which I think it will, THANK GOD!  But given how the rest of the voting went for the rest of the Kentucky statewide offices, Republicans will spin

Have you heard this about the Republicans' tax bill?

Two years ago, I had a highly recommended post excerpting various pundits on both sides of the aisle forthrightly describing the increasing insanity of the Republican party.  The point was that the danger presented by Republicans was so obvious that a new genre of punditry arguably had been


Republicans' tax bill: Our Cold Civil War just turned hot

I believe it was Andrew Sullivan who coined  the phrase “Cold Civil War” to describe the current state of our Republican-Democrat divide, with the geography and ideology of our current dystopia uncannily matching the Mason-Dixon line that characterized our previous Civil War.  As Sullivan wrote a few years

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Republicans Could Be About To Self Destruct

They could be on the verge of actually creating a third party through sheer stupidity. If they dump Trump at the convention he will for sure run as a third candidate in the general election, out of sheer spite if nothing else. They should know