2020 will again be about margins in marginal areas. x Here is Trump's approval rating in each of the 50 states converted into Electoral College format, via @Civiqs.— Matt Rogers (@Politidope) April 7, 2020 One would be optimistic but we know how that optimism failed in 2016. xContinue Reading


Received this e-mail from EMILY’s List: In 2018, we flipped the House with just pro-choice Democratic women. This year, we can flip the Senate, too. Democrats need to flip at least four seats to take back the Senate. And we have endorsed four pro-choice Democratic women who can make itContinue Reading


Pence (and Mother) will be tested now that one of his staff has contracted COVID-19. Trump continues his inaction on using the Defense Production Act (DPA) during a national emergency. More troubling are charges that his dissembling ‘happy talk’ is part of a re-election strategy favoring states with GOP governors.Continue Reading

Japan is now reporting that a female tour-bus guide has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Normally, individual infections aren’t news at this stage of the virus’s spread. Except that this patient was already being counted in the “recovered” population. She had contracted the disease initially in January, received treatment, and was declared recoveredContinue Reading

To all those Republican Senators stating that they won’t consider any new documents or witness testimony, simply ask: So, if we learn of new evidence that exonerates President Trump, you will fight and vote to make sure that the Senate can’t consider such evidence? That is it.  We don’t need anything moreContinue Reading