McConnell kicks the Trump prosecution elsewhere as Senate lets Trump off on a technicality. A disingenuous Mitch McConnell apparently agreed with the sentiment “Hang Mike Pence” and gave cover to the turtle logic of the Big Lie, while trying to keep GOP donors. Trump “got let off on a technicality”....

  • February 13, 2021

Just because he wanted a spectacle that could have resulted in mass casualties and even death doesn’t change the event. Race has little to do with it, yet. Motive still needs further investigation, despite the mass of CTs and disinformation. It seems more likely that the bomber did not die...

  • December 28, 2020

Reminding myself that during nearly two decades of my life, racial segregation dominated some states, and that in 2020 we are still battling some of the same issues preventing people from voting. As if we didn’t need more reminders of systemic racism. People are going to need to be “carefully taught”,...

  • October 28, 2020

Bloomberg has declared a second wave even before the first has achieved a trough in the US for any new uptick. South America and Africa remain in their first wave and have yet to reach a peak. Remember that the current recession began before the COVID-19 outbreak, and that Trump’s...

  • June 15, 2020

David Atkins attacks a “marxist” strawman in a Washington Monthly article, because moderates need to rationalize their reactionary acts. The after-action reports for 2020 should instead address the need to reconcile party unity even as it demonizes their respective biases. For example, “running against the Democratic party” was only a trope for those...

  • April 14, 2020

The first blush of commentary after the New Hampshire debates looks relatively conventional, even as small movements up and down in polling have occurred. MSM is far too obsessed with the media framing of socialism, despite a Chris Matthews rant about Fidel Castro. Four days before the New Hampshire primary,...

  • February 8, 2020
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