Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) Recorded Complaining of Trump's Stupidity, Corruption, Incompetence, Racism… Exclusive: GOP Sen. Sasse says Trump 'kisses dictators' butts' and mocks evangelicals Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse  was privately recorded making harsh criticisms of Trump apparently in a phone call to constituents, according to David M. Drucker of the Washington Examiner. Concerning the pandemic, Sasse says some of what Democrats say:  “But the reality…

Trump’s sister criticizes her brother in secretly recorded audio

In audio excerpts obtained by CNN, President Donald Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, is heard criticizing her brother in private, saying the president “has no principles.” CNN’s Jake Tapper discusses the audio, first reported by The Washington Post, which was secretly recorded by President Trump’s niece, Mary Trump.

Coronavirus: First repeat patient recorded

Japan is now reporting that a female tour-bus guide has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Normally, individual infections aren’t news at this stage of the virus’s spread. Except that this patient was already being counted in the “recovered” population. She had contracted the disease initially in January, received treatment, and was declared recovered and released on February 1….

For the first time in recorded history, Anchorage enters “extreme drought”.

Alaska's temperate rainforest is in a historic drought. The climate crisis is known to alter the Globe's rainfall patterns. The city of Anchorage was carved out of the rainforest known as Chugach. The Chugach rainforest forms a great arc around Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska.  Warming temperatures caused by human carbon emissions…