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#KremlinAnnex week 78 Saturday protest

x The #KremlinAnnex team is thankful for representing and passing the massage to @SenTimKaine! Thank you, @hr_indivisible from all of us! ✌️🇺🇸 — Kremlin Annex (@KremlinAnnex) January 10, 2020 x RIGHT NOW at the Lincoln Memorial: “Trump is guilty!” “Remove Trump!” #RemoveTrump #SwarmTheSenate


#KremlinAnnex Week 78 protest… War Powers

x #KremlinAnnex 240, week 78 of protesting #IMPOTUS, Putin’s Puppet! — Kremlin Annex (@KremlinAnnex) January 10, 2020 x @KremlinAnnex — goodlittletiger (@goodlittletiger) January 10, 2020 x Have you read about our team yet? ✌️🇺🇸 Kremlin Annex: Five women have been protesting outside the


#KremlinAnnex protest week 77 Thursday

This was @KremlinAnnex at the White House on NYE. They’re out there three times a week. And I hear they’d love it if you joined them. — Joshua Potash (@JoshuaPotash) January 2, 2020 Have you read about our team yet? ✌️🇺🇸 Kremlin Annex: Five


#KremlinAnnex week 77 protest Tuesday

We are just 194 contributions away from hitting our year end goal. Please consider retweeting & chipping in $20.20 to make the traitor’s last year in office his noisiest protest yet: — Kremlin Annex (@KremlinAnnex) December 27, 2019 Not visiting a golf club during


#KremlinAnnex protest week 76 Saturday

x #KremlinAnnex 334, week 76! — Kremlin Annex (@KremlinAnnex) December 27, 2019 x Help make Trump’s life miserable for just $20.20 — Adam Parkhomenko (@AdamParkhomenko) December 27, 2019 x Have you read about our team yet? ✌️🇺🇸 Kremlin Annex: Five women have been


#KremlinAnnex Week 76 protest Thursday – Happy Impeachmas!

Week 76 of protesting Putin’s puppet is here! We hope you are having a great time celebrating the season! Let’s meet at 7:30 pm night, #resisters ! We need your help making noise at #KremlinAnnex to be heard all the way at Mar-a-Lago, Florida! ✌️🇺🇸


#KremlinAnnex protest Saturday week 75

x TGIF! How are you doing, #resisters? Still feeling good after Trump’s impeachment by the House? 🇺🇸 We had a good time chanting and singing, making noise while #IMPOTUS is mad in our WH! Join us on Saturday, Dec. 21, 7:30pm for more Impeachmas caroling


#KremlinAnnex Thursday protest week 75

x #KremlinAnnex tonight! IMPEACHED! — Kremlin Annex (@KremlinAnnex) December 20, 2019 x Welcome to the #KremlinAnnex week 75!!!! Thank you, America!!!! — Kremlin Annex (@KremlinAnnex) December 20, 2019 x Mussolini was also just riffing 🙄 — Molly McKew (@MollyMcKew) December 19, 2019

#KremlinAnnex Tuesday Week 75 protest on Impeachment Eve: POTUS* rants for 6 pages

Posted early to include some of the impeachment rallies today scheduled at 530pm ET. It will be updated as needed. Santa Fe supports #ImpeachmentEve @repbenraylujan @MartinHeinrich @SenatorTomUdall — Indivisible Santa Fe (@SFNMIndivisible) December 17, 2019 "Americans abroad demand impeachment and removal." #ImpeachmentEve


#KremlinAnnex protest Thursday week 74 Impeachment vote coming

x #KremlinAnnex is here! Feeling hot, hot, hot!!!! — Kremlin Annex (@KremlinAnnex) December 13, 2019 x See you tonight at 7:30 pm, at the #KremlinAnnex protest, #resisters! — Kremlin Annex (@KremlinAnnex) December 12, 2019 x There are over 400 “Nobody is Above


#KremlinAnnex week 73 protest “Laughingstock”

Today’s #ImpeachingHearings showed how corrupt Donald Trump really is. That means we have to step things up in 2020 + be louder than ever. To do that, we’ve set a goal of 500 donations by year’s end. Check out our message from The Five +


#KremlinAnnex week 73 protest Tuesday

x @KremlinAnnex — goodlittletiger (@goodlittletiger) December 4, 2019 x BREAKING: In a closed door vote, the Intelligence Committee has formally passed the impeachment report. This means the report is passed out of Committee as the formal majority view of the Democrats in Congress, and


#KremlinAnnex Tuesday protest week 72

x Thank you, @BlueActionRes & @hr_indivisible for your #resistance with the #KremlinAnnex protest! Your partnership and participation is what the #KremlinAnnex team is thankful for! ❤️✌️ — Kremlin Annex (@KremlinAnnex) November 24, 2019 x Have you read about our team yet? ✌️🇺🇸 Kremlin Annex:


#KremlinAnnex week 71 Saturday protest

x At #KremlinAnnex tonight. — Melissa Barlow (@LiteraryMouse) November 24, 2019 x Putin’s Puppet? – Yes! Treason45? – Absolutely! Impeachment? – Yes, please!!!Protest tonight? – 7:30 pm!Rain or shine? – Rain, unfortunately!✌️ — Kremlin Annex (@KremlinAnnex) November 23, 2019 x Have you read


#KremlinAnnex protest week 71 Thursday

x Tonight we have so much to chant, sing and talk about! Join us at 7:30 pm and also help us sing this cheerful song at the #KremlinAnnex!✌️🇺🇸 #Resist — Kremlin Annex (@KremlinAnnex) November 21, 2019 x SCHIFF: “One question posed by your testimony, Mr.


#KremlinAnnex week 71 protest Tuesday

x Everyone loves the “Subpoena” song at the #KremlinAnnex protest. Happy singing and whistling to you, #resisters! ✌️😍 — Kremlin Annex (@KremlinAnnex) November 17, 2019 x Have you read about our team yet? ✌️🇺🇸 Kremlin Annex: Five women have been protesting outside the White


Saturday #KremlinAnnex protest week 70

x Wow! What a week of historic events in America! We’re inspired by the public servants testifying in Congress this week and shining light for all of us, giving us hope that truth will prevail! #KremlinAnnex is 16 months today! 🎉 See y’all at 7:30