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Kavanaugh Karnival returns as #LeningradLindsey and GOP whine about process

It’s more telling that Lindsey Graham actually believed the “Golden Showers” report in his first reading of the Steele Dossier, that the Russians had something on Trump. It’s still a process complaint, but the facts are still there, despite GOP hand-waving or table-pounding. Today’s Senate Judiciary


unhingery continues: facts, process, and table pounding

It’s an unwinding day as Rudy affirms that his actions were for Trump’s personal gain, as Trump flails about. Hi numbers are slipping. Pres. Trump's approval rating is 38% in @ABC News/WaPo poll. Among Republicans, he's at a career low of 74%—down steeply from a

using a (Roger) Stone to pound: table, process, facts

Still unfinished business as the Roger Stone trial overcomes food poisoning to continue, and Trump’s possible lies to the Special Counsel may emerge. Follow @dfriedman33 for up-to-date reporting on the Roger Stone trial! And here's the story on why this trial could be bad news