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Bust! for POTUS (flipping or categorically)

Will scripts get flipped, as the silly season continues. Trump led his Super Bowl appearance whining about how unfair impeachment has been, calling Bernie a communist because he got married in Moscow (he didn’t), and about Hillary Clinton and emails. x Trump claims to Hannity,

#KremlinAnnex Tuesday Week 75 protest on Impeachment Eve: POTUS* rants for 6 pages

Posted early to include some of the impeachment rallies today scheduled at 530pm ET. It will be updated as needed. Santa Fe supports #ImpeachmentEve @repbenraylujan @MartinHeinrich @SenatorTomUdall — Indivisible Santa Fe (@SFNMIndivisible) December 17, 2019 "Americans abroad demand impeachment and removal." #ImpeachmentEve

45 and counting … Ukraine lies by POTUS*

Daniel Dale totals the lies so far by the one-eyed Mango King. Note that the GOP members of the House Intel committee repeated the meme of #41 during its hearings. It’s been hard to communicate just how comprehensively Trump has been lying about his Ukraine