Trump posted an Easter message — it’s the same, but at least MSM isn’t holding back on framing the idiocy as biographer Michael D’Antonio notes the post-president’s continued grifting, and CNN’s Jim Acosta weighs in. “Yep. It’s Sally Field. You love me. You really love me,” D’Antonio said, referring back to the 1980s...

  • April 4, 2021

Time seems to be running out as all the George Floyd cops got charged and in Mark Esper’s apparent defection for responsibility, Trump now seems to be backtracking on the use of US military in a posse comitatus action. x Monmouth poll -50% say race relations will be a major or minor...

  • June 3, 2020

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Mark Warner’s (D. VA) re-election campaign: Our nation is facing a challenging time. Beyond the immediate health threat of the virus itself, we’re seeing people grapple with another challenge: access to health care. A record number of Americans filed for unemployment last week,...

  • April 8, 2020

Originally posted at Shoot 'em? Teana Walsh, an assistant Wayne County, Michigan prosecutor posted this on her Facebook page after watching images of protesters and rioters in Baltimore following the homicide of Freddie Gray: So I am watching the news in Baltimore and see large swarms of people throwing...

  • May 1, 2015
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