As concern grows over social media, U.S.Here is more info in regards to eVDEn EvE naKliYat look at the page. lawsuits stack up * Surge in mental health problems worst among girls * Lawyers zone in on algorithm designs, whistleblower leaks * Others see platforms as scapegoat for society’s woes...

  • July 8, 2023

The CEO of Dominion Voting Systems—which is either a nondescript electronic voting company or a Borg-like collection of sentient machines powered by Hugo Chavez’s ghost, depending on whom you ask—is clearly done playing games. But what he’s not done doing is suing the pants off his company’s detractors. (Not literally,...

  • February 25, 2021

Many of the election lawsuit challenges brought by Trump and his allies have been dismissed under a somewhat obscure to the public, but fundamental in the law, doctrine known as “standing.”  I would need a lot of space to fully describe the standing doctrine, but at core what it is requires is...

  • January 5, 2021