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Dr. Anand Bhat puncturing myths about the upcoming elections and beyond

Texas may begin voting like California sooner than later

Recently, Dr. Anand Bhat visited Politics Done Right to discuss his research on Texas elections. He is an engaged medical doctor, activist, and blogger who loves numbers. Texas will be California soon Watch the entire episode here. Recently Dr. Bhat wrote the article “Democrats winning

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Spain: One Day Later (with a FAQ + Update)

Obviously, our collective attention has been focused on tragic events that are, for Americans, much closer to home. But the situation in Spain continues to bear watching. And it isn’t over yet. Sunday, Catalonia held a vote to determine whether or not the region should

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A day later, the bullets continue…

I suspect that we’re going to have a run of this, at least for awhile. Seeing an event like this happen, and be successful, is going to inspire other individuals who may have been considering acting out in violence, pushing them over the edge to