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Things really important to me

First an apology. My post yesterday on my decision to vote for Warren (which I did at about 9:45 AM) and to contribute to her campaign ($100 online) was my first posting here in more than a month. Some may remember that in mid-November I


only moderates believe that being halfway to November 3 is important

So many believe that they are generally moderate or moderating because they cannot imagine themselves being so nonconforming that they cannot be sociable or civil in any situation. We are always conciliatory because we don’t really want to have someone tell us “DBAD”. We can

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Mourning someone important to me

He was born as Alexandros Vapheides near Piraeus in Greece in October 1934, meaning he was about 11 ½ years older than me. Until I read obituaries today I did not know that name. To me he was always Geronda,  Greek for Elder. His monastic

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The most important legislation the House should pass

would be to legislative provide for automatic Continuing Resolutions when any part of the government has not been funded by the normal appropriation process.  This would fund those portions of the government that have not been addressed completely at the level of funding the previous