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Having your cake in time for World War Six

Every GOP senator is getting a delivery and demonstrations are scheduled. But will Lev Parnas and his ankle monitor get past the security checkpoint at the Capitol. Trump was tweeting at 1am this morning. x These sheet cakes are being delivered today to ALL Republican Senators.

Having said that…

Lest anyone doubt that I am not a defender of legal counsel, for even the most heinous of criminals, that is not the case. I believe everyone deserves the best defense they can buy or are afforded if not our legal system is a sham.


Who knew Tucker Carlson is having a “complete mental break”

Admitting you have a problem is probably the first step, but Tucker Carlson’s race-baiting served an audience niche, however problematic. What Carlson reveals to Elaina Plott in an Atlantic story is a proto-fascism not unique to the 21st Century. She captures Carlson’s Trumpian sociopathology, which might demand