Lincoln Project takes on what is happening in Portland

in a new ad labeled “How it Starts” “This is how it starts”    is the tag line for the ad “This is how it starts — and how freedom dies” Watch it. I think it cuts to the heart of the issue. x YouTube Video

Ali Velshi on what is happening to the Press

The following is a Thread Reader unroll of a 13-tweet thread by Velshi, who is becoming one of the most pointed commentators on cable tv, of what he said in a commentary on his MS-NBC show this morning. I have posted it beneath the break. Read it. Pass it on.

Something is happening here. What are we not being told?

This is an observation and not CT.  There is something so very wrong in this country that just does not make sense to those who still have some sense left. I have many questions.   Why are people who appeared to be fair minded, respectful and even so called people of faith remaining silent, unengaged or…