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Greenland melt updates.

More gobsmacking imagery out of Greenland.  x Greenland is melting – even in the highest north! Here water is running off the top of the ice sheet at our field site on Inglefield Land. The ice cliff is c. 40 m tall.— Anders Anker

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Climate Emergency: Jaw-dropping visuals out of Greenland.

New visuals on the melt situation in Greenland. x Greenland record melt going down. @climate_ice @alunhubbard @LarsOstenfeld @climateice @lundbeckfonden August 1, 2019. West Greenland by Kangerlussaq.— Caspar Haarløv (@haarloev) August 2, 2019 x Rapid snowmelt over the last 15 days on the edge of

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Greenland is on fire, again.

It’s bad and I can hear it now. Why didn’t anyone warn us? We have, of course, but Donald's distractions are nothing but click bait here, and we fall for it every single time. But go ahead and keep on keeping on helping the President