Gohmert Exposed Barr to Covid-19

Bad enough that America’s Dumbest Congressman™ exposed his Congressional colleagues, and his staff, to the coronavirus AFTER he knew he had tested positive. It turns out he also exposed AG Barr as well: Rep. Gohmert, who was without a mask, stood outside the men’s bathroom where Barr went before he walked into the “hearing” room….

Louie Gohmert thinks he may have gotten COVID from wearing a mask

By now you’ve heard the superschadenfreudeisticexpialidocious news that GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert has contracted COVID-19. A positive coronavirus diagnosis would be chastening for most people — a reason to pause and reflect. But not for the dumbest man in Congress. According to KETK-TV in Texas, he’s determined to stay a maskhole until the day he dies….

Gohmert Blocks the House COVID-19 Bill

Louis Gohmert, America’s stupidest Congressman (which, given the competition, is saying something!) is single-handedly holding up the House from sending the COVID-19 relief package to the Senate. No doubt he’s doing it at Moscow Mitch’s behest, so Mitch doesn’t have to stall it there on his own. But his actions are making it even clearer…