It seems Putin didn’t keep Alexei Navalny in Russia quite long enough for the poison to get flushed out of his system: Prominent Russian opposition activist Navalny was poisoned, German doctors say BERLIN — Alexei Navalny, the prominent Russian opposition figure and Kremlin critic, was poisoned, Berlin’s Charité Hospital said...

  • August 24, 2020

I thought my embarrassment over Donald Trump being president had reached a state of supersaturation. But it turns out there’s plenty of room for more shock and shame. According to a FAKE NEWS! Reuters story, the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag is reporting that Trump tried to convince the German...

  • March 15, 2020

The NewYorker’s Susan Glasser finds a single word to describe the Trump era that really isn’t about underpants gnomes, even if it applies to most Trumpian policies, such as they are. There must be one of those long German words for all that soul-sickening worry, right? Some tortured mouthful of...

  • December 30, 2019
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