Trump, his administration, and his doctors have been publicly unwilling, and contradictory, about identifying when Trump first learned — even if by a preliminary test — that he was, or potentially was, Covid positive.  The most obvious tell here is that the Trump people refuse to answer when Trump last tested negativeContinue Reading

If Donald Trump is allowed to use the White House Rose Garden to accept the nomination of  the Republican Party, should not Jo Jorgensen, candidate for the Libertarian Party, have that same opportunity? The White House is public property not just Trump’s prop. Howie Hawkins of the Green Party andContinue Reading


One Trump tweet today, the rest are retweets. There are signs that like her “I don’t care” jacket, Melania is preparing for the end of the Trump regime as the chancellery garden gets a makeover to resemble the JFK one. OTOH IMPOTUS* doesn’t really want to leave. (CNN) Melania Trump announced MondayContinue Reading

Today’s Trump WH presser apparently repurposed his canceled NH campaign speech of 50 minutes, and took 10 minutes of questions. Waste not, want not. Who wants that hour back: Trump produced more gibberish and barely mentioned the COVID19 pandemic, and spent most of his time attacking Biden. Even Daniel Dale, CNN’sContinue Reading

Trump will present another WH stunt-presser today at 4pm EDT that won’t start on time. It’s meant to divert attention from the now burgeoning COVID-19 contagion within the WH, and assure people that IMPOTUS* is “in charge”. President Trump and members of his administration will hold a press briefing to discussContinue Reading