In a recent story about Donald Trump’s desperate attempts to smother his dumpster fire of a campaign with the same old clown shoes, The Washington Post notes that Trump isn’t 100 percent satisfied with his chosen nickname for Joe Biden. You may have noticed Trump trying out “Corrupt Joe” lately in place of theContinue Reading

Newsweek has a really good piece out about Dr. Al Gross (I. AK) who is running to unseat U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R. AK) that’s worth a read: Dr. Gross, who also is a commercial fisherman, is gunning for Republican Senator Dan Sullivan’s seat. With Gross recently out-fundraising his opponent,Continue Reading

BOOM! x YouTube Video A new ad from former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign accuses President Trump of shirking responsibility for the federal government’s coronavirus response and blasts him for feuding with governors. The new ad, viewed first by The Hill, is called “Buck Stops Here,” and it accusesContinue Reading