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The American Dream Embodied: Kevin de Leone

By Mike Fox and Alan Minsky for Mike H., Shayna, Janis, Deb, Kim, Bryan, Dan, Donna, and Dr. Bill — your PDA national team. Dream Big With Kevin de Leone For Senate Not only did candidate for US Senate in CA Kevin de Leon score 100%

Trump Throws A Tantrum About China Trade.

Trump is threating China with more tariffs, according to Bloomberg News.  Essentially, Trump would place tariffs on ALL Chinese goods. Trump said Friday he’s willing to slap tariffs on an additional $267 billion in Chinese goods, on top of duties of $200 billion in imports

I Hope the U.S. Senate Is In Play Because…

IF — and it is stil a big IF — the U.S. Senate is in play, the political dynamic in D.C. will shift.  No, it does not mean that if the House ever impeaches Trump the Senate will convict.  I’m thinking if we pick up enough seats

How John McCain got lost in 'crazy base world'

When Senator John McCain was laid to rest on Sunday at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, the nation lost one of the giants of American public life. For six decades, McCain served his nation as a naval airman, a military liaison to

Trump Is Still Screwing Up Trade.

While we are focused on government-sponsored child abuse, Hurricane Maria’s death toll in Puerto Rico, Mueller’s Russia Investigation, and the deaths of Senator John McCain and Aretha Franklin, looks like Trump thinks he can slap another $200 billion in tariffs on China next week, according

Trump Only Has So Much Time to Campaign For Republicans.

As noted by Howard Fineman on MTP today, Trump making time to campaign for Ted Cruz in Texas — something that screams more about Cruz’s character and that Beto O’Rourke must be doing something right — highlights the dire political straits that Trump is careening towards.