Biden must blame inflation on the corporations parasitically redistributing our income to themselves via record profits. Inflation caused by parasites, greedy corporations x x YouTube Video Watch Politics Done Right T.V. here. I wish Biden had called out the corporations for their parasitic behavior during the State Of The Union...

  • March 7, 2022

All I’ll say is I’m glad Katie Porter is on our side. She’s fierce and unafraid, and her latest Twitter thread amply demonstrates that: x You may have heard that Democrats and Republicans have agreed upon spending $900 billion to fund another round of small business loans, support hospitals and...

  • December 9, 2020

Elie Mystal from The Nation has a new piece out about how U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R. KY) wants to block businesses from being sued for putting their workers are risk during the COVID-19 pandemic: McConnell has “insisted” that the next stimulus package will include legal immunity for...

  • May 3, 2020

NowThis has a brand new episode of their series, Who Is?, up and they teamed up with rapper, Busdriver, to explain to voters just who U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler (R. GA) really is: x YouTube Video Please do share the video. While Loeffler is self-funding her campaign, Rev. Raphael Warnock...

  • April 16, 2020

Received this e-mail today from the progressive group, Indivisible: If you’ve been on Twitter in the last few days, you’ve probably seen it: a video of Arizona Republican Senator Martha McSally lashing out at a CNN reporter, calling him a “liberal hack.” The question wasn’t exactly (read: at all) hack-ish — all...

  • January 18, 2020

Several real estate professionals expose in detail some dirty big secrets in the real estate business that is causing the loss of the American Dream. Our home used to be the American Dream Many Americans are oblivious to the shenanigans and “legal fraud” that occurs in real estate. Robby L. Caban (...

  • January 2, 2020
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