An initial note — I’ve always thought that the most effective tool by far against Trump is to mock him.  That weakness has been central to this rube from Queens who spent a lifetime craving Manhattan’s (unavailable) approval. With that in mind, I need to point out one of the weirdest (although typical)...

  • February 24, 2021

I’m not really worried that this passel of dyspeptic donkey brains will actually succeed in overturning our free and fair election. Donald Trump can scarcely complete a poo attempt, much less a coup attempt, so the future of our republic seems secure for at least the next four years. And...

  • January 5, 2021

I thank God he is not my governor, but Kemp of Georgia is a liar.  It’s easy enough to conclude this after Kemp’s news conference on Wednesday announcing he will get around to signing a shelter in place order for the state of Georgia on FRIDAY.  According to Kemp, he...

  • April 3, 2020

Martin Luther King was a great leader and peace activist.   Martin Luther King was killed in Memphis as he stood for civil rights and unions. He was killed by a racist with a gun.   Martin Luther King will be honored by many this coming Monday but it seems that many more...

  • January 18, 2020

Taxes should be paid where the sales generate profit, this in turn benefits those who actually buy the products. If money is continually siphoned out of an economy that economy will suffer. When those sums become so great as they bend political parties to their will [btw the Tories have...

  • January 31, 2016
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