Over the weekend, Americans were bombarded by press accounts with what we already know, Donald Trump is a liar, a tax cheat, and a possible felon. In case you think that is hyperbole—Mr. Trump, ask Al Capone. My theory is that Donald Trump released his tax information so debate moderator...

  • September 28, 2020

Apparently the disinformation default for the GOP is to ridicule the iconoclasm of decommissioning  US monuments and exaggerate illogical alternatives, while trying to get its base to waive its right to sue for damages if they go to a rally and get sick. The Obelisk of Wokeness actually sounds kind...

  • June 12, 2020

When Donald Trump does or says something as disgusting as the attack he made on the late Rep. John David Dingell Jr. Wednesday night, suggesting, to his wife Debbie among others, he may have gone to hell, Democrats immediately recoiled in disgust.  He spewed this vile vitriol on the same...

  • December 20, 2019

Excellent William Saletan article in Slate reminding us how much Turkey is part of Trump’s corruption going back to Mike Flynn. It’s made worse as Turkey begins its new attacks on the Kurds. It’s hard to keep track of President Donald Trump’s betrayals of his country. First he solicited Vladimir Putin’s...

  • October 9, 2019
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