If Trump wants a Wisconsin recount, he better cough up 7.9 million, and fast.

Too bad, so sad, Donald.  The occupant's alleged accusations of corruption in the presidential Wisconsin vote totals have made Trump face an uncomfortable dilemma.  The law checkmates Trump because he has to give up the big bucks if he wants his recount for fraud and voting irregularities. He has produced no evidence that supports such a recount….

save a stock market, don't cough on Trump

Cooties! Sinophobia! Trump White House Resists Calls To Appoint A Coronavirus Czar (Jared Kushner?) (and he tries to blame the Democrats for the stock market drop) x After HHS Sec. Alex Azar says he doesn't currently anticipate a czar to be appointed to coordinate the government's coronavirus response, Rep. Mark Pocan says, “That's good. Jared Kushner…