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Christmas with Einstein

No, I did not attend a boring seminar on quantum mechanics or bend my brain studying the theory of relativity. I spent Christmas Eve and Day in Albert Einstein ( with whom I share a birthday) Hospital recovering from what was termed, a cardiac incident. Short

The War on Christmas is Now a War on Coal

Mandy Gunasekara served in the EPA as Trump’s Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation from March 2017 to Feb. 2019. Before that, she was counsel to Sen. Inhofe, the most insistent of all climate deniers. Now she’s a climate denier

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Charles M Blow: Remembering the Poor on Christmas

is a column I strongly urge people here to read. It is subtitled “It’s easy to forget those left behind in a strong economy.” Blow writes powerfully about his own childhood as the youngest of 3 sons raised without his father after his mother ended