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The Daily Bucket–Odyssey of the Ancient Lotuses

A year ago,  I attempted to  resurrect a handful of lotus seeds, that had sat, forgotten, on a high shelf, for almost 20 years.  I dutifully roughed up one corner of the seed with 30 grit sandpaper, to expose the tip that would germinate, like


The Daily Bucket–Working on some Night Moves

Sundown in Portland Oregon was at 4:32 pm.  At 4:40 pm, I walked past my kitchen window and startled a Great Blue Heron who was eating goldfish out of my backyard pond.  Then we both pretended not to see each other.  I began watching from


The Daily Bucket–Eagle Eyes

I walk from my house to Bethany Lake, west of Portland Oregon, on many days.   The Lake is adjacent to a wide utility easement, a golf course, a park, and farmland, so there is considerable open water, undeveloped area, and large trees. All that space,


The Daily Bucket–A Tree for the Redwood Man.

He wakes up at dawn and peeks out the window, looking for the heron feeding at the fishpond in the first light. No heron yet today.  He starts the espresso machine, but cannot make coffee fast enough to clear out almost seven decades of fog


The Daily Bucket–Trigger Warning

The Great Blue Heron is one of the largest birds in North America, standing 4 feet tall with a six foot wing span.  When the birds evolved from the dinosaurs, the Herons emerged, but herons changed very little over the last few million years.   Their


The Daily Bucket–The Daily Eagle.

I often walk around Bethany Lake, 10 miles west of Portland Oregon.  Swollen creeks pour into it from two directions, after the rains start.  The Park Dept.  stocks the lake with rainbow trout.  Ducks are always there, and at least one goose. I am heartbroken because I


The Daily Bucket–I Fly to Pieces

I fly to pieces, Every time that I see you preen I fly to pieces, I can’t forget what I’ve just seen. A little one-legged clean-up, You want me to act as if we have no bond You want me to forget (to forget) You ate fish from


The Daily Bucket–The Foliage Frogs of Fall.

Some years I stop seeing my tiny backyard frogs by August.  The Spring-hatch of tadpoles have all morphed, and the older frogs have dispersed to nearby areas, beyond my vision.  This year, however,  The frogs ‘ Spring-hatch was plentiful, and I often found 5 or 10