You’d think Texas would want to fix its electrical grid or do everything in its power to stem the COVID-19 pandemic, but you’d be wrong. Nothing is ever more important to a Lone Star State politician than launching unnecessary salvos in the culture wars. If it’s not the brutally defamed Mr. Potato Head...

  • April 13, 2021

“Being American is more than a pride we inherit. It's the past we step into.” “A nation that isn’t broken but simplify unfinished” x WATCH: Amanda Gorman, the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history, recites a poem on unity in the U.S. at #Inauguration2021 — MSNBC (@MSNBC) January 20,...

  • January 20, 2021

Received this e-mail from the progressive group, Indivisible: Indivisibles, Hey everybody, this is Ezra, the co-founder of Indivisible, here with a really exciting (and short!) message. 36 frontline Democrats who flipped GOP seats last year just voted to impeach Trump. The only reason Trump is being held accountable is because we...

  • December 29, 2019
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