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Bloomberg Forms Independent PAC to Attack Trump in Swing States… The Washington Post Reports that former presidential candidate  Mike Bloomberg is forming an independent campaign to attack Donald Trump  keeping alive his extensive, well-funded organization in battleground states. Bloomberg’s advisers have identified Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida and North Carolina as the six states that will decide

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg rolls his eyes after being NAILED by Senator Elizabeth Warren on the unknown number of NDAs he's "consensually" made women sign.

is Bloomberg running to destroy the Democratic party

Deep pockets and the cost of campaigning has contributed to a cash crunch as Bloomberg’s media buying combines with the scale of the upcoming super-Tuesday media markets. The price of victory is rising with the next two primaries, as the strategy of planning for a

A 2005 picture of NY Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman.

It's a Friedman Unit Election: Bloomberg has the 'Right Stuff'

Not having listened to a random taxi driver, Thomas Friedman comes out for the anti-Bernie ‘radical middle’, because money talks at least for six months. As Larry Diamond, editor of The Journal of Democracy, pointed out to me, several studies he’s been publishing show that the best


Bernie versus Bloomberg: could super-Tuesday become stupid-Tuesday

So many different games of the middling sort. From Nikki Haley invoking “liberal socialist” to what ever counts as appeals to “moderates”. Moderates’ fear of extremism and controversy will get more complicated as 2016 will get revisited by the prospect of a contested convention. Salt’s

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Mike Bloomberg secret racist tape worse than you think.

While many are shocked by racist words coming out of Mike Bloomberg. I find it rather amusing. Patriarchs and Oligarchs of his ilk share the same prejudices and ignorance. An uninformed Mike Bloomberg likely still believes this. x x YouTube Video So what did this bastion