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We're Being Ruled by Sadists

Ever since he showed up on the national stage, Trump has been called — with good reason — a narcissist, a megalomaniac, a disordered personality. But he is also a sadist, and he leads a sadistic base. This point has been raised before on this

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Is The New York Times being obtuse or intentionally gaslighting us?

Okay, so they appear to have changed this headline since Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall screen-grabbed it. But it raises an important question — and that question is: “What the ever-living fuck, New York Times?” x lol nytimes 😂😂😂😂— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) November 30, 2019

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The opposite of being a deal-maker

So one implication of the Trump shutdown that I haven’t seen addressed in the media has to do with private contractors. Some smaller ones will likely have to shutter. Larger ones will bear costs that will not be recouped when normal governance is resumed. So,

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Being Homeless With Kids

Again, I’ve been asked, “Where has Jenny been?” As always, I struggle with answering these kinds of questions. I suppose that a person who doesn’t bare her soul on the Internet might not answer the way that I intend to. They might say, “Well, I