#KremlinAnnex week 86 Saturday marks Six Hundred Days since protest began

#BlueNoMatterWho is about defeating GuapoTrumpHaus(Blanco) aka IMPOTUS* x Fiona Hill says Vladimir Putin has U.S. “exactly where he wants us” https://t.co/S4P4NCDVfa — Tom Maertens (@tom_maertens) March 7, 2020 x #KremlinAnnex @bobwirth3 @JeanWirth1 pic.twitter.com/IAmzU3UhUZ — Melissa Barlow (@LiteraryMouse) March 6, 2020 x Today is the 600th day since the @KremlinAnnex protests began outside the White House….

It Ends As It Began. But The Middle Is What Matters

The impeachment trial of Donald Trump is ending exactly the way that it began. The Trump defense began the day, and their arguments were the same pathetic, thin gruel that they led off with. They blamed the Democrats for a purely partisan impeachment, claimed that they failed to prove their case, and trotted out a…