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Donald Trump fails the Caroline Test of “imminent attack” because inaction was risky

One person’s target of opportunity is another’s “threat of imminent attack”. The worst part about this is that Trump & Pompeo think Americans are really this dumb. — Joyce Alene (@JoyceWhiteVance) January 5, 2020 The terms “anticipatory self-defense”, “preemptive self-defense” and “preemption” traditionally refers

Vote Blue No Matter Who: take the pledge because Trump must go

Excellent point below about staying focused on the most important issue – Trump must go. — David Cay Johnston (@DavidCayJ) December 30, 2019 As difficult as pre-primary rhetoric has been, the alternative in 2021 is worse. We need to get past the media framing and disinformation

Jane's Drug Boats, because radar and market demand

Drug dealers do the kind of architecting that Ivanka Trump is so fond of quoting. The same style of drug smuggling boat appears in more than one ocean. Forbes magazine wonders why. This operational question is much like the rules governing US sales of Javelin missiles

could Trump testify before the Senate, because that's who he is….

Because at this point, Individual-1 knows he has the impeachment acquittal votes, could Trump come before the Senate to make what would be a campaign speech. Trump doesn’t have to appear, but it seems more likely that with a GOP majority unwilling to have defections, Trump