TAG GOP: Right-Wing policies are directly responsible for the crime wave & inflation.

Republican media, operatives, and politicians are using the primary season to tag the nation’s ills, inflation, crime, etc. on Democrats.

Inflation & Crime Wave

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As I watch the cable networks and the local networks in Washington DC — I will be here for a while longer caring for my daughter — I continue to see ads that attack the good progressive policies the Biden administration passed to get us out of this depression faster than any time in our history. Absent are ads touting the reality that the extra money in people’s bank accounts above the sting of inflation is what the administration accomplished.

Democrats and Progressives seem to be waiting till after the primaries to get serious about framing the narrative to shed light on Republicans. Will they ever learn? Republicans are setting the debate on inflation, crime, social issues, and economic resilience. By the time Democrats and Progressives are ready, to tell the truth, Republicans would have made their lies the truth in the minds of many irreversibly.

Democrats must tag inflation to corporate greed given that there are no major shortages. The supply chain disruption is a failure of the private sector’s choice of just-in-time-inventory and their choice to offshore American jobs for the profit of the few sanctioned by Republican/Trump policies. The crime rate must be tagged to Republicans for supporting laissez-faire gun policies not supported by most Americans, lousy healthcare policy that drives a drug epidemic, and a lack of programs to support the nuclear family. And last but not least, we must attack their resistance to accepting the Medicaid Expansion to the ACA which is causing hospitals in rural areas to close.

Pointing out the above Republican failures does not require the outcome of the primaries. The Democratic Party and other organizations should be putting this message out. I am trying my best to do this with my blogs, articles, newsletters, videos, and other avenues. We need everyone on board and we need the support of all who cherish our Democracy.

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  • February 22, 2022