Escape (to) Wisconsin (and Michigan and Pennsylvania): Trump campaign hypes sinophobic anti-Biden ads because that’s what 2020 in the swing states will be about.

Because a squinting Biden with this hands together doesn’t seem at all stereotypical. And isn’t the border of China at Chinatown.

  • As the NYT reported, Trump’s team was obsessed with the idea that COVID-19 had been created by a gov lab, and accidentally unleashed. Echoing the march to war with Iraq, officials pushed WMD experts for backup.
  • The prob: “They didn’t have any evidence.”
  • The pieces all link up. Trump’s relentless push to label it the “Wuhan virus” or “Chinese coronavirus.” The leaked, evidence-free conspiracy theory. And now, millions in ads attacking Biden on China. It’s Bush’s 02-04 playbook, repurposed, with COVID-19 as this year’s 9/11. 
  • It’s utterly divorced from reality, in every possible respect. It even puts us at risk by endangering supplies of PPE and testing reagents. The only way to beat a global pandemic is global cooperation. Trump is making it worse, endangering everyone everywhere. 
  • But never underestimate the power of mortal fear—and the power of finding an “other” blame. When people are provoked into fearing death, psychologists argue, they reach for authoritative symbols of strength. Time to read up on Terror Management Theory.
  • Trump and his allies are freaking out that the election is slipping from their grasp. The progressive victory in Wisconsin ramped up their panic. They’re going to counter the way Trump always does—with racism, xenophobia, and division. We’re going to keep organizing—& fighting. 

Because the border of Chinatown is at China….

She wanted everyone to pack into Chinatown long after I closed the BORDER TO CHINA.

Driving the news: Beginning Friday, America First Action will spend $10 million in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — which yielded pivotal but bare victories for Trump in 2016 — to brand the presumptive Democratic nominee as “Beijing Biden” and see what sticks.

  • These states all have been impacted economically by China in terms of jobs, manufacturing or steel.

Why it matters: The ads come as Trump campaign officials lay plans to try to make the general election campaign more about the former vice president’s past approaches to China than Trump’s response to the coronavirus, or Trump’s own approaches to China.…

America First Action PAC will start a $10 million independent expenditure investment in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin focused on #BeijingBiden. The digital, cable, broadcast and mail investment will start April 17thand continue until the end of May.

  • Michigan: $2 million spent in the Traverse City, Flint and Grand Rapids media markets
  • Wisconsin: $2.7 million spent in the Wausau, La Crosse and Green Bay media markets
  • Pennsylvania: $5.5 million spent in the Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Johnstown, Erie and Wilkes-Barre media markets

“At a critical time when China has infected the world, it’s important Americans understand that Joe Biden has spent over forty-years catering to China’s wishes. He’s a pro-China globalist running for President promising to fix the problems he helped create.” – Brian O. Walsh, President of America First Action PAC.…

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